Privacy Statement

Mindwize handles your
data with care.


Mindwize handles your data with care. Data you submit shall be stored in a database. These data are processed in accordance the GDPR.

Mindwize places great emphasis on the protection of your personal data and takes suitable security measures to tackle unauthorised or illegal processing and to prevent misuse, loss, destruction, or damage of data. If you believe there are indications that your data have been accessed without authorisation despite these measures, please contact Mindwize.

Privacy Statement

Handling your data in a responsible way is extremely important to Mindwize. Your data will be processed and secured carefully and in accordance with privacy regulations and industry codes in force. In this privacy statement, Mindwize sets out which personal data it processes and what rights you have over your own data.

As part of its service provision, Mindwize records the following personal data: (1) personal data of (potential) relations of Mindwize, and (2) personal data of (potential) donors.

Mindwize handles your data with care!


You have a number of rights regarding your personal data held by Mindwize. These rights are explained in greater detail below. If you submit a request to Mindwize relating to one of these rights, Mindwize will respond within four weeks. You can submit your request – including your name, address, and telephone number – through the contact form on the Mindwize website or by telephone. Making such a request is free of charge except in cases of manifestly unfounded or disproportionate requests.

Right to inspect
You may inquire as to which of your personal data Mindwize processes and the purposes for doing so.

Right to correct
If your data are incorrect, you can have it corrected or supplemented.

Right to object, right to restrict processing, and right to have data deleted.

You may object to Mindwize processing your personal data. If this objection is honoured, if you withdraw any consent you have given, or if your personal data are processed without authorisation, you may request that Mindwize delete your data. If you do not want the data to be deleted but wish for the data not to be processed further, you can request to restrict processing.

Right to transferability
If Mindwize processes your data based on your consent, or processing is necessary to implement an agreement between you and Mindwize, you can also request Mindwize to provide you with the data Mindwize holds on you (including electronically).


As well as the rights set out above, you may also submit a complaint to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) if you do not approve of Mindwize processing your personal data.


Mindwize helps charitable organisations obtain and solicit personal data from (potential) donors. As part of this, Mindwize may inform you of these charities by post, telephone, text message, e-mail, and over social media.


In this context, Mindwize processes the following personal data:

  • organisation
  • initials, first name, and surname;
  • sex;
  • date of birth;
  • address;
  • telephone number;
  • (if applicable) e-mail address;
  • (if applicable) history of donations;
  • campaign registration (including origin of address)

If you did not provide these data to Mindwize yourself, Mindwize has obtained the data from a third party.


Mindwize processes your personal data so it can inform you of charitable organisations and offer you opportunities to become a donor. This may be done by telephone, post, text message, or e-mail. Mindwize may also process your data for data analysis purposes to optimise its services, including in relation to reaching you and predicting the likelihood that you will wish to become a donor. Mindwize carries out this processing as part of its legitimate commercial interest. You have the right to object to this processing.


Every time you receive communication, Mindwize shall ensure that you are given the option to tell us you no longer wish to receive information. If you do so, Mindwize shall delete your contact data within 30 days.


To keep you up-to-date with interesting offers from our partners or to receive information about charities, we may make your contact data available to carefully selected partners for one-time use.

Mindwize may engage processors to process your data. In these cases, Mindwize shall ensure that the processors process your data properly and take suitable security measures. These processors may be located outside of the European Economic Area. Mindwize shall always ensure that if information is forwarded to a third country, suitable guarantees will be put in place, taking the form of standard data protection provisions as established by the European Commission.


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Which cookies does the website use and for what purpose?


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